Paradise Pines RV Park Rules and Regulations


By staying here, you agree to follow the Paradise Pines RV Park rules.  Owners are responsible for supplying their
renters with a copy of the rules.

Common Element Use

We are an AANR affiliated nudist park and follow acceptable social nudism practices. Nudism is defined as a personal
life style choice of being clothing free in social settings. All owners and renters must be members of American
Association for Nude Recreation (AANR), The Naturists Society (TNS), International Naturists Federation (INF)
Federation of Canadian Naturists (FCN) or another recognized nudist organization. Proof of current membership must
be provided to the association property manager. A towel to sit on should be carried at all times.


No photography is permitted on the condominium property unless specific permission is granted by all possible
subjects and the association property manager or a Director. Either the association property manager or a Director
must accompany the photographer at all times. Remember, the photographing of minors may be illegal and is strongly


Smoking is not allowed in the clubhouse. Smoking at the pool is allowed in the designated area only. Do not dispose of
smoking materials on the ground.


The clubhouse facilities are available 24 hours a day.  Please be aware that tile floors may be very slippery when wet,
please use caution.  When you use the clubhouse facilities, including the bathrooms and/or showers, you are expected
to clean up after yourself.  

Infants in approved swim pants are allowed in the pool.  No nude infants or babies in diapers are allowed.
No running in pool area.
Smoking at the pool is allowed in the designated area only.  
No glass of any kind is allowed inside the pool fence.
Only nude swimming in the pool shall be permitted, with the exception of bathing caps.  Approval from at least one
Director is required for use of any other skin covering that has been deemed necessary for medical reasons by a


Lot and RV maintenance should be acceptable in appearance in the opinion of the majority of the Directors.
Your lot(s) must be kept neat and orderly in appearance, which includes:
Keeping your lawn mowed to a height no greater than 4 inches.
Removing weeds
Trees and plants should be trimmed and dead branches must be removed.
Free of rubbish/debris.
All furniture placed outside should be designed for outdoor use and/or built into an enclosure and kept clean and tidy
in appearance.
No outdoor storage is allowed unless placed in purpose-designed (such as outdoor kitchen), outdoor containers or
enclosures. This includes, but is not limited to, appliances and trash containers.

RV Appearance and Standards:

All RVs entering Paradise Pines RV Park must be in good condition. All body work must be clean and in good repair.
The RV must be free from damage, rust, mold and dirt. All awnings and equipment must be well maintained without any
visible damage. To avoid any misunderstanding or misrepresentation, (4) CURRENT photographs are to be submitted
with the application, to be reviewed by the Board of Directors or the association property manager. Photographs must
be taken from the front, back, left and right and clearly show current vehicle licensing.
Any RV that fails to meet
these standards as defined by the Board of Directors may be refused entry.

Parking / Vehicles / Driving:

All motorized vehicles, including, but not limited to golf carts, must be operated at a speed not to exceed 9mph.  
Vehicles shall only be driven in the direction of posted arrows.  The only exception is when positioning a recreational
vehicle on a Unit.

All vehicles must be licensed.  Non-licensed gas powered vehicles, with the exception of golf carts, are not permitted.
The parking areas near the clubhouse are intended for owner, renter and guest parking only. These parking areas
may be used on a temporary basis only.  Parking in these areas is for motor vehicles only and shall not exceed a
period of more than 24-consecutive hours in any 7-consecutive day period.  Any other uses/time allowances for these
parking areas require prior director approval.  

Non-commercial utility trailers, motor vehicle transport trailers and tow dollies may only be parked temporarily on your
Unit or a Unit you are legally entitled to use.  Parking of these items shall not exceed a period of more than 24-
consecutive hours in any 7-consecutive day period.  Any other uses/time allowances for these items, require prior
director approval.

Boats, boat trailers and motorized watercraft (and their trailers) may only be parked temporarily on your Unit or a Unit
you are legally entitled to use and any such parking shall not exceed a period of more than 24-consecutive hours in
any 7-consecutive day period.  Any other uses/time allowances for these items, require prior director approval.

Adopted 2/18/2017 by the Board of Directors and replaces previous parking and vehicle use in the rules


No nuisance shall be allowed upon the Condominium Property or within a Unit, nor any use or practice that is the
source of annoyance to residents or which interferes with the peaceful possession and property use by its residents,
etc.  The determination of what constitutes a nuisance shall be at the sole, reasonable discretion of the Board of

Garbage/Recycling/Yard Refuse:

Garbage is to be bagged and deposited in the garbage dumpster. Paper and cardboard (boxes to be broken flat) are
to be deposited in the special dumpster for recycling. In addition there are separate containers for plastic, glass and
aluminum recycling. Yard waste consisting of tree/shrub trimming, leaves, etc. should be placed in the special area
around the corner from the dumpsters. The disposal of construction materials and/or trash from outside sources in our
garbage dumpster is prohibited.  When the trash or recycling dumpsters are full, please wait to dispose of your trash or
recycling until there is room.

Please do not dispose of anything other than human waste and bathroom tissue down the sewer.  Our sewer is on a
grinding system and cannot tolerate foreign materials, which includes sanitary products, grease, paper towels, etc.

Mailbox Keys / Clickers / Gate Access:
Entry into the park is clicker access only.  If you are a renter, it is your owner's responsibility to provide access via a
clicker(s). To obtain clicker(s) contact any Director to direct you to the person responsible for the clickers.

Guests are allowed only if the lot owner/renter gives access.  Access is granted by the owner/renter via the front gate
directory. It is the owner/renter's responsibility to give gate access to authorized persons.  
Gate Entry Clickers – Clickers are the responsibility of the owners who purchased the clicker.
Entry to the Park will not be allowed where the owner did not make provisions for his tenant.


Names of owners, renters and/or guests will be kept confidential, including personal email addresses and phone

Quiet Hours:

Please respect our quiet hours between 11:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.

Signs / Flags:

All “For Sale” signs are prohibited anywhere on condominium grounds with the exception of the designated bulletin
board in the Clubhouse.


A guest is defined as someone residing in an owner or renters unit for up to 14 consecutive nights.  If an individual
wishes to stay longer than 14 nights, they must inform a Director or the association property manager and may be
subject to renter requirements. Immediate family members may visit when the owner is not present.  Guests do not
need to be members of AANR or another nudist organization.  Guests must adhere to the Paradise Pines RV Park
rules.  Owners/renters are responsible for the behavior of their guest(s).  


Children under 16 must be supervised at all times


Pets are limited to two domesticated animals only. Owners/renters and their guests must provide vaccination records of
the pet(s) and a copy of the pet license (if applicable) to the association property manager before arrival in the park.
Rottweilers, Dobermans, and Pit Bulls are not allowed.
The common area along the retention basin has been designated as our pet walk.  Always clean up after your animal.
When walking, pets must be leashed on no more than a 6’ leash and not allowed to trespass on private lots.  
Be courteous and control your dog’s barking.  
Pets that pose a potential threat to residents shall not be allowed.


Owners should report any noncompliant conditions or offensive behavior to the association property manager (contact
information listed below).  A written description of the situation including the date, time and location should be sent by
hard copy or email. Complaints submitted in hard copy must be signed and contain a contact number. Renters should
contact their landlord with all concerns.

The Vanguard Management Group, Inc.
Attn: Alice Kuhn/Dee Vestal
9300 N. 16th St.
Tampa, FL 33612

Lease Procedures:

Any person(s) wishing to lease a lot will need to contact the lot owner to arrange the terms of lease. The form of lease
will be provided by the lot owner. In addition the “Application And Screening Information” form must be completed to
obtain approval from Paradise Pines RV Park. This form may be obtained from the Paradise Pines RV Park website in
the Sales/Rental section.
Lease renewals are treated the same as new leases. A new “Application And Screening Information” form must be
completed if more than 12 months have elapsed since the end of the previous lease.

Purchase Procedures:

Any person(s) wishing to purchase a lot must complete the “Application And Screening Information” form which may be
found on the Paradise Pines RV Park website in the Sales/Rental section.

Access/Copies of Records:

Any requests by members of the Association to inspect official records or obtain copies of such records shall be in
writing and shall be sent by Certified mail to the office of the Association’s Management Company, Vanguard
Management Group, Inc.  9300 North 16th Street, Tampa, Florida 33612.  No communication or requests by facsimile
or email will be accepted.  
Each request must include an address and a telephone number where the owner may be contacted.  An email address
is also recommended.  
Any owner requesting that records be produced must state in detail the specific records that they wish to inspect or

Document inspections will be arranged at a time and a place to be designated by the Association, during business
hours, Monday through Friday.  All inspections are limited to a maximum of one request per month for any member.   At
the discretion of the Association, or its agent, the inspection time(s) can be scheduled on more than one day, based
upon the amount of time and number of records involved.
Inspections are generally intended to take place at the offices of the Association’s management company, but under
special circumstances the Board of Directors or the manager may designate that such inspections take place at
another location.

The cost for copies will be $.25 cents per page, and all copying must be done by the personnel at the office where the
records are inspected, unless the Association chooses to have the copies made by an outside vendor, in which case
the actual cost of copying will be charged to the member requesting the records.  Additional charges for the salary,
time or other administrative costs of personnel that are necessary to respond to any extensive requests for documents,
as determined by the Board, or any research required which is approved by the owner, may also be charged to the
requesting owner to the maximum extent permitted by law.


Late fee of $25 is charged to all account balances equal to or greater than one month’s assessment amount. 1 ½%
interest will be charged on any arrears due.

Improvement Procedures:

An “ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW APPLICATION” must be submitted to the association property manager. The form can
be found on the Paradise Pines RV Park member website. The Board of Directors must approve all applications.

Pursuant to The Declaration of Condominium 12.8 Regulations. Reasonable Rules and Regulations concerning the
use and operation of Condominium Property may be made and amended from time to time by the Board of Directors in
the manner provided by its Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. Copies of such Rules and Regulations and
amendments shall be furnished by the Association to all Unit Owners and residents of the Condominium.

Board of Director Meetings:

Regular BOD meeting schedule and meeting location:
Membership and Board meetings are to take place monthly between November and April at the Paradise Pines
clubhouse or surrounding grounds. (Additional BOD meetings may be as needed.)
Notice posting location:
All official notices from the Association are to be posted on the bulletin board located in the clubhouse. Postings are
done by the secretary of the Board, or his/her designee, and must be witnessed.

Access to approved minutes:

The Secretary of the Board will provide hard copy of approved minutes to the association property manager and post
on the bulletin board in the clubhouse. An electronic copy will also be posted on the member website.

Members wanting to discuss a topic may contact any Director. Members should keep in mind that our
Directors are volunteers and be respectful of their personal time. Time for any discussions should be
convenient for all parties.
Paradise Pines RV Park
Rules, Regulations
and Information

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